MILLVILLE, N.J., (CBS) – It was sad Sunday morning as a Millville patrolman was killed in the line of duty..

A vehicular accident ended the life of Patrolman Christopher Reeves of the Millville Police Department while on duty at 2:15 a.m.

The accident took place at the corner of North 3rd and East Broad Street in Millville, N.J.

New Jersey State Police and the Cumberland County prosecutor’s office are conducting the investigation.

Prayers and condolences are offered to Officer Reeve’s family, said County Prosecutor Jennifer Webb McRae.

Many residents of Millville who heard about the crash started a memorial for the fallen hero on Sunday night.

Resident Jennifer Rivera, who lives nearby, said that it was terrible to pieces of the cop car and the other vehicle all over the place.

To honor Officer Reeve, Millville police hang black bunting on their station and lowered their flag as did the Millville fire company where Reeve served as volunteer fireman for a year.

Officer Reeves was an alumnus of the Millville High School where he graduated in1991 and joined the police department in 2004.He was a veteran of the force for eight years.

His wife, Susan Reeves, is also a Millville police officer.

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