LOS ANGELES — A missing father of six days had miraculously survived a horrendous car crash in the Angeles National Forest thanks to his family members who would not give up.

The victim, 67-year-old David Lavau, was rescued on Thursday from the bottom of a steep ravine on Lake Hughes Road at Pine Canyon Road.

The horrific car crash left him with serious injuries and had spent the six days drinking water and eating insects and leaves to survive.

Her daughter, Lisa Lavau, said that she and her brother searched every hill and at long last, after screaming, they herd their dad call for help.

Six days ago, David was on his way home when his car fell over the ravine.

Lisa Lavau said that her dad would always call her and her siblings and after not hearing from him for six days, they knew something was wrong. She said that her dad had just supposedly lost control and several cars could be seen in the accident area that had gone off.

One driver, however, died. David is recuperating at Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital and his family is counting their blessings.

Lisa said that the vehicle was horrific and she did not know how her father survived the ordeal.

David’s doctor, Garrett Sutter, calls it a miracle because it was unusual for anyone to survive the injuries he sustained and come out stable as he is. Despite the fall, he did not sustain life-threatening injuries.

Although suffering multiple broken bones, David is in stable condition. The deceased driver has remained unidentified and it was unclear how long he was at the ravine.

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