JACKSON TWP., N.J. — Wednesday morning saw a double tragedy with the death of the driver and destruction of a mobile home in Ocean County, N.J. Both resulted from a truck that was out of control.

Witnesses described the incident that Sunday morning on Route 571 when at 7:30 a.m., a speeding dump truck filled with gravel swerved from the road and speed through a parking lot and plowed through two trailer homes.  The truck barely missed a group of kids who were waiting for their school bus.

Chuck Salvatore, who was in the parking area near the Mobile Home Community of Shady Oak screamed to warn the mothers who were waiting with their kids for the school bus. He said that if they had not scampered out of the way, they would have been dead. The truck was coming fast at about 60 mph.

Julie Vaughn, one of the waiting mothers said that she pulled kids toward 571 as the truck kept rampaging until it blasted through the mobile homes.

Lisa Tomas said that she was so scared and was about to have a heart attack but was able to pull her kids to safety.

The rampaging truck was passing the children and blasted into an empty mobile home, hit a tree and slammed into the rear of another trailer where mother, Terry Braun was changing her 6-month old baby.

Braun said that her intuition told her to run into the next room, it was just timely as the whole wall just caved in.

Steve Robertson said that his bed was on the other side of the truck so if he were over 5 feet, he would have been hit.

The 58-year-old driver of the truck was killed. His identity was kept from the public pending notification of his family.

Jackson Police Chief Matthew Kunz said that they are still investigating why the truck veered off from the road – if it was mechanical error or medical condition of the driver.

Two damaged poles were replaced by the utility crew.

The traffic along Route 571 was closed for the day.

Two heavy-duty tow trucks were used to pull the dump truck from the wrecked trailer.

Many Shady Oak residents like Terry and Steve are thanking the Lord for their safety. “We’re

Residents whose mobile homes were damaged were given temporary shelter by the Red Cross.

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