A plea deal was reached in a verdict given to the fatal hit and run case that killed a student
After the prosecutor granted a plea deal last Friday, an x-model who was charged with a hit-and-run case that caused the death of a student from the University of Miami student will no longer spend time in jail.

X-model, Hubsch, age 47, no longer contested that she left the scene causing bodily injury to a victim during the accident which occurred November of last year. The accident ended the life of a 21-year-old student, Jared Paul Jones.

Under the plea deal, the x-model is given probation for 18 months; during the first sixty days, she will be in house arrest. She will be totally lock down, not allowed to go anywhere and have to wear an anklet monitor.

In addition to the deal, she will be serving 250 hours of community service where she will be telling the students the error of leaving a crash scene. She will also have to pay the cosy of ever court hearing.

Police recalled that Hubsch hit Jones as young man was about to cross the street at the intersection of Blue and Red Roads very near UM’s campus. She failed to stop and assist the injured and instead fled from the scene. Jones who came from Maryland, suffered from life threatening injuries and died after spending 10 days in coma at the hospital.
Just last month, the judge handling the case had refused to grant a plea deal.

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