CONCORDIA, Mo. — Workers of the Missouri Department of Transportation know the dangers they face as they help motorists on the road—they know that their life too is at stake.

That’s why MoDOT uses safety precautions for their employees when they are out on the field. For instance, MoDOT equips their vehicles with a crash attenuator that absorbs the impact of a collision. A TMA or a truck mounted attenuator catches the impact of a crash.

This particular precaution had been proven really helpful by one MoDOT worker.

On Wednesday, a MoDOT worker that was laying white stripe on I-70 near Concordia, Mo., was rear-ended by a dump truck. The MoDOT worker sustained minor injuries in the incident.

Apparently, the dump truck driver did not see the crew.

The collision even turned the dump truck on its side and there was some spillage of engine fluids.

Some crews stayed behind for cleanup.

MoDOT is hopeful that the incident will serve as a reminder for motorists to be more observant while on the road.

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 MoDOT Worker Sustains Minor Injuries in I-70 Accident