MONROE TOWNSHIP – A single ordinary distraction while driving can have fatal consequences.  A 42-year old mother identified as Shelly M. Deaton became the victim of a hit- and-run car while she was watching for a school bus to ferry daughter to school.  It was 6:50 o’clock on a Friday morning at the Nobil Drive just off Kay Drive in Monroe Township where it happened.

Michigan State Police recounted that a teener that was also on her way to school was driving along the area when a water bottle beside her fell. She was trying to retrieve the water bottle, took her eyes off her driving and lost control of her car.

The girl swerved off the road on a grassy area just across the driveway. She struck the 42-year old Mom who was waiting for her 11-year old daughter to get into the school bus.

Losing control, the teen driver could not stop her car from speeding towards the grassy area and in the process hit Deaton. Fortunately, the daughter was not able to witness the accident happening to her Mom. The car halted after crashing into a tree at the front yard.

The police have not yet file any charges as they are conducting an investigation.

Distracted driving has been one of the most common causes of collision. They maybe ordinary and innocent distractions, not even intended to do a bit of harm; however, they produce more fatalities and more serious injuries than the other causes of collisions. A driver has to be completely aware of everything going on in the surroundings and only pay attention to the wheel.

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