WASHINGTON – On the afternoon of Friday, an accident took place in Glenwood which involved a County school bus. Howard County police reported that a Montgomery Country school bus tipped over in Glenwood.
A Montgomery County school bus tipped over in Glenwood Friday afternoon.
According to Howard County police, a driver operating a Toyota Corolla was trying to negotiate a left turn when his vehicle clipped the school bus just at the corner of Route 97 and Rolling Hills Drive.
The bus had already delivered almost all the students and there was only one student left. The good news was that the student was not hurt. Also the driver and another adult passenger on the bus sustained only minor injuries. They were transported to a local hospital for check up.
The driver of the Toyota Corolla was not injured.
Authorities are investigating why the Toyota driver made a wrong turn and if it was the fault of his vehicle. The police are trying to find out if the driver was DUI, sleepy, under medication or distracted.
Pending result of investigation, identities of the persons involved in the accident were nto given out to the media.
More than 450,000 yellow school buses transport 25 million children between school and home each day.
School buses are supposed to be safest mode of transportation for children to get to and from school are designed to be safer than passenger vehicles in avoiding crashes and preventing injury.

But according to the National Highway Transportation Safety Association (NHTSA), approximately 24 children are killed in school bus accidents in an average year. Very few of these fatalities occur on the bus. One-third of fatalities occur when a child is struck by a school bus in the loading/unloading zone, one-third are struck by motorists who fail to stop for the school bus, and one-third are pedestrians who are killed as they approach or leave the school bus stop.

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