A drunken driver killed a mother who had 6 children after his vehicle struck and fled from the scene along I-45 last Friday night, as reported by the police. The DUI and hit-and-run drivers are now the objects of search by authorities.Watch Jarhead 3 : The Siege (2016) Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Police Department of Houston indentified the victim as Frances Morales, age 38. They suspected that she fell from the SUV or was pushed out from the vehicle that witnesses saw was traveling more than 60 MPH along Interstate 45 on the vicinity of Goodson Dr. They learned that Ernesto Moncada, her boyfriend, was the operator of the Chevrolet white Trail Blazer.

After Morales fell, Moncada did not stop and fled from the scene. The driver of a Ford Explorer ran over Morales did not stop either and also fled from the scene.

Police are now on the look-out for two drivers involved in the crash that left a woman dead who was found on the Block 900 along the North Freeway.

The victim was a 38-year-old Frances Morales who is the mother of 6 kids. Her family and friends are stunned and heartbroken by the tragedy. Six children are left without a mother after her passing.

Rebecca Vasquez, Morales friend said that the victim lived a difficult life with a live-in boyfriend who was seen beating beat her.

That Saturday night saw the death of the mother of six whom the police said either fell or was pushed from a moving SUV into the freeway.

After the mishap, her boyfriend told the family and friends that she jumped for no reason. Vasquez was surprised why a woman would jump in the freeway from a vehicle that was going 60 MPH.

Police noted that her boyfriend never stopped so did the female driver who was behind the SUV. She ran over the body.

Laura who is Morales’ sister is looking after the six kids and suspected that there is a serious crime committed.

Laura said that Moncada either pushed her or she was already dead so he pushed her out of the car. Her sister would not kill herself and leave her six children.

Neighbors claimed that they heard the two fighting before they left for the dinner they planned that evening.

Police want to confront Moncada, who was confirmed as the driver of the Chevy white Trail Blazer. They will also investigate the female driver who was operating Ford white Explorer.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

The police are asking information for the identities of the wanted drivers and requested them to contact the police.

On the subject of vehicular accident, Harris County for the year 2012 was considered as the most deadly county in the state of Texas. Based on records in the Department of Transportation in Texas, more than 360 people died in 333 fatal crashes that happened out of 77,736 accidents.

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