May 21, 2013

May is considered as the Motorcycle Awareness Month and people everywhere are to be more careful and aware of motorcyclists who are on the roadways. However, many motorcycle accidents happened which appeared that the admonition fell into many deaf ears. According to statistics, eighty 80 % of motorcycle crashes result in injury or death. The percentage of fatality for a motorcycle passenger if it collides with a passenger vehicle is 98%. It means that there the passenger of a motorcycle has only 2 percent chance to live in an accident

At least one motorcyclist was killed today on a crash along east side Riverside No. 91 Freeway in Corona. The fatality was identified by authorities today as Que cannon Nihipali, age 40, and resident of Corona. Riverside County Coroner’s Bureau reported that the victim died on the scene from serious injuries in the crash which happened at 5:25 o’clock Monday afternoon at west of Main Street.

Based on preliminary report, Nihipali’s motorcycle was hit by another vehicle followed by another collision against a big rig.

Still under investigation by the California Highway Patrol, more details will be given out later.

Less than a month ago, another motorcyclist was killed in a mishap which occurred on Interstate -15 in Corona

Riverside County Coroner’s office identified the victim as Wendy Stone, age 41 and resident of Riverside. She was fatally injured when a truck struck the median center of the road causing concrete debris to loosen which struck the lady cyclist as she was riding at the north side of the freeway south of the Indian Truck Trail.

Riverside County Fire Department spokeswoman Melody Hendrick son reported that the crash happened at 8:00 o’clock in the morning on the freeway. The motorcyclist died on the scene. Two other people in the other vehicle suffered moderate injuries and were transported to the local hospital.

Steve Carapia, CHP spokesperson told reporters that the Ram Dodge truck going southward on the freeway swerved to the left and hit the center divider.

Traffic was jammed for some hours as emergency crew and investigators were working at the site of the crash.

Two days ago, authorities reported that a motorcyclist was killed when his vehicle collided with a pickup truck in Riverside.

Riverside Coroner identified the fatality as Dwight Sims Jr. age 28 and resident of Riverside. Although he was wearing a helmet during the crashed but he was ejected from his motorbike and alighted on a mailbox mad of bricks.

Sims Jr. was immediately rushed to the Community Hospital of Park view where he died due to serious injuries sustained an hour after admission. The mishap took place at around 5:45 o’clock in the afternoon at Crest Avenue’s Block 6700.

Riverside Police is conducting investigation of circumstances of the crash.

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