HASTINGS – A five-vehicle crash claimed the life of one teenager from New York central. The mishap happened at 81 north Interstate lanes near the vicinity of Syracuse. Due to the crash, lanes were closed for more than eight hours.
According to Investigator Tom Quilter of the State Police, Liberty Tanner, age 19 from Pulaski was driving her car northwards. Al 10:15 in the evening of Wednesday, the car broke down between exits 31 and 32 in Oswego County town of Hasting.
Police stated that while Tanner was calling 911, when car was rear-ended by another car, driven by Alex B. Mills, age 17 of Altmar. The crash started a chain reaction causing three other cars to collide.
Police mentioned that there was another driver, Michael R. Edinger, age 17 from Parish, who slowed down as he came nearer to the scene. He also rear-ended the vehicle operated by Emily Smith, age 20, resident of Pulaski. The third driver, Stefanie Wooding age 28 of Fulton, entered the scene as her vehicle rear ended with Smith’s vehicle.
Police confirmed that Tanner died in the crash. The three drivers sustained non-life-threatening injuries and were delivered to Upstate University Hospital.
Authorities closed I-81’s northbound lanes until the area was cleared and was reopened at 6:45 o’clock morning of Thursday. Motorists were diverted to Route 11 as the lanes remained closed..
No charges have been filed as authorities are continuing their investigation.
January 14, 2013 – It was a Sunday afternoon when an accident occurred on Main Street in Saville of a driver who was under the influence of drugs. The car was running erratically that it started side swiping and crashing into several vehicles parked and moving cars along the way.. The multi-car accident took place at about 5:15 p.m.
The driver who started the mishap along Main Street was identified as Thomas Herman, age 46. The police found out that he was high on drugs as he was operating his Chevrolet Trailblazer. He crashed on several parked cars and moving vehicles until he was arrested by the police.
Herman was driving west on Main St. when he hit five other vehicles but he continued driving after that and hit two more vehicles. The impact propelled his Chevrolet Trailblazer a turnaround of 180 degrees after crashing on a utility pole.
The last vehicles hit were a Honda Accord which was going westward and a Hyundai Elantra which was going eastward. Herman was trying to pass between the two cars driving as he was traveling in the middle of the road. Then he hit another vehicle, a Hyundai Elantra head-on.
It was a tragic crash as the driver of the Hyundai Electra died on the scene. Sam Longo, age 82, Hyundai Elantra driver was pronounced dead on the scene. Ann Gilbert, age 79 sustained neck who was a passenger in the Hyundai sustained pelvic injuries. She was immediately rushed to the Southside Hospital. Up to the present, Gilbert is critical, but remains in stable condition.
Honda Accord operator, Robert Schutt, age 49, suffered from face injuries and was delivered and treated at the Memorial Hospital Medical Center at Brookhaven.
Herman, the origin of the crash had face injuries including to the neck, face and internal injuries. was brought to the hospital. But his injuries were non-life threatening.
The authorities charged Herman with multiple counts of being a hit-and-run driver for leaving the scene of an accident and driving DUI as he was operating the car under the influence of drugs. Police, however, said that further charges will be filed against Herman as the case is investigated.
Traffic police, a multi-car crash is one of the most difficult to handle. First of all, with many cars involved, they cannot easily pinpoint the cause of the crash. And when cars crash, it might cause a fire, victims maybe trapped inside the vehicle and they are difficult to extricate.
Authorities are continuing their investigation of the incidents and detectives are requesting witnesses who were at the scene and saw the events leading up to the incident to call the Fifth Squad at 631-854-8552 or Crime Stoppers at 800-220-TIPS. All calls are kept confidential
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