LOS ANGELES – Finally all northbound lanes were again opened at Sherman Oaks’ 405 Freeway last Thursday night. The closure was an aftermath of a multi-vehicle accident that trapped many motorists for hours as all the lanes was shut.

Around 5:30 o’clock later afternoon in the midst of the rush hour, a huge big rig jackknifed, collided with two other vehicles and finally sprouted fuel all over the roadway. This situation led to the closing of all lanes were for two hours.

But before 6:30 p.m., the police decided to open a carpool lane but all the other remaining lanes were closed until thirty minutes before 8 p.m. The California Highway Patrol was able to announce at 8:15 in the evening that the three lanes were now opened to traffic.

Only one lane stayed blocked at the juncture of Sepulveda and  Valley Vista boulevards until 10 that evening. Finally, at 10:30, the last lane was reopened/.

There were reported injuries in the accident. But the other danger was the spilled fuel which needed the expertise of the hazardous material team. They had to clean the entire area and guarantee its safety before opening the road to the public.

For many motorists it was like a  Carmageddon II which many were not anticipating until next month. But for most, the traffic that Thursday evening was the worst; it was like a traffic nightmare.

Some motorists had their luck when they learned from their GPS of the traffic jam so they detoured on Sepulveda. Driver Patrick Jackson said that heard of it from his radio so he was avoid to take another route.

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