January 03, 2013

Ryan Dowd was there when the tragedy happened. With group of friends, he was in the French Quarter celebrating New Year’s Eve. He never expected that their partying would end fatally.

.Dowd related that they were about to leave and were waiting for a cab when one of them was fatally hit by a car.

As Dowd was walking across Decatur Street at the vicinity of Jax Brewery, he was jolted by a crash and when he looked he found that his friend, 21-year-old Amanda Piglia, was lying bloodied down on the ground.

She was immediately transported to University Hospital. Amanda’s parents arrived and to their dismay found their beautiful and lively daughter unconscious. Doctors said she is in a state of coma that was medically-induced.

The police are looking for the driver of the car as investigation is ongoing.

Car Accident victims may be entitled to financial compensation for pain and suffering in addition to economic damages.

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