June 01, 2013

ONESBORO, Ga. – One of the most renowned NBA point guard in the 90’s was involved in a car accident last Friday and authorities said that he is now fighting for this life. The veteran Mookie Blaylock is on life support following the vehicular accident in Georgia. Last Friday, Mookie Blaylock who was former NBA All-Star guard was pronounced in critical condition at a hospital following an incident where his SUV towards the median center and collided heads-on with a van at suburban Atlanta. Police announced that one passenger was fatally injured.

Clarence Cox who is Clayton County police spokesperson said that Blaylock was operating his SUV on the way home towards Jonesboro that Friday when for unknown reason, he crossed the center and crashed on a van. He was airlifted by a helicopter ambulance to the Medical Center of Atlanta.

A photo showed his SUV sitting forlorned at the vicinity of the scene of a mishap that caused the Mookie Blaylock former NBA All-Star guard Mookie Blaylock to be delivered to the hospital for treatment.

According to Franklin Allen who is Jonesboro Police Chief, it was late Friday that 46-years-old Blaylock was operating along Tara Boulevard his Escalade Cadillac going north when for reasons which the authorities are trying to discover, he veered toward the median right into a southbound lane. Allen identified another victim of the accident as Monica Murphy, age 43 who was a passenger in the van. She was the only fatality and was pronounced dead before 10 o’clock that evening. Her husband, identified as Frankie Murphy age 41, sustained non-life threatening injuries. After he was treated of a broken ankle, he was soon released from the hospital.

Right after the crash, Blaylock was first placed on life support at the hospital; but it was reported that Blaylock’s condition improved. On Friday night, he was declared stable and was taken off it. According to the Allen, Blaylock’s condition is still precarious and that his critical condition must be well-guarded.

Allen told the media that Blaylock has had subject to a history of seizures and authorities were police trying to find out if this series of seizure might be linked to the accident. If this could be proven, then the factor causing the accident can be a medical condition.

In 1980, Blaylock who is now 446 years old; was a draft pick first-rounder by Oklahoma’s New Jersey Nets.

From the years 1992-99, he was playing for the Atlanta Hawks appearing as a popular team member in the NBA 1994 All-Star Game. He experienced his peak season in 1996-97 by reaching an averaging the points of 17.4 points and an assisting 5.9.

Atlanta Hawks are glad that former family member Blaylock has passed the worse, but they are devastated to hear that the accident today caused one death in the Murphy family and the injury of another. They are extending their thoughts and prayers to the families involved.

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Source: ESPN Go Com