Canadian tourists were enjoying the hospitality of the beautiful city of New York but it was marred by an accident. Police reported that a bus headed from Toronto to Brooklyn slid down freeway embankment in Wayne, New Jersey.

Today, emergency crews responded to the call and inspected a bus that slid down an embankment in Wayne, NJ. The bus was carrying Canadian tourists and nearly two-dozen were injured when their chartered bus ran off the road. They were transported to the city hospital for treatment.

According to the police, there were about two-dozen Canadian tourists injured after the chartered bus ran off the road in Wayne, New Jersey early this morning.

The organizer of the tour was a church group who charted the bus that carried 60 people. For unknown reasons, the bus slid into the ditch off a highway turnpike, The bus was on its way to New York City to attend a Seventh Day Adventist event, shop, enjoy the city and visit family.

It was reported that eight of the passengers were in critical condition and two of the injured were children.

The driver, who suffered an injuring his arm, told police than a vehicle cut him off, causing the crash.

A 66-year-old Toronto native Norma Cumberbatch told newspaper reporter that the accident was terrifying. The bus was driving along swiftly and suddenly they fell into the ditch.

A representative of the tour company, AVM Max 2000 Charter Services Inc. stated that their driver had a clean record. The incident happened about 7:30 in the morning as the bus traveled east.

Many of those on board were from Toronto’s large Caribbean community headed south for the Canadian Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

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