Enormous horror and intrigue comes hand-in-hand in every road accident; but it is farther magnified and more shocking when the victim is a celebrity, an icon and a larger-than-life individual. The unexpected demise of well-known people deeply affects the public, most especially if the cause of death is brought about by a car accident. The rich and the famous are as vulnerable to car accidents as the rest of humanity. Who could ever forget how these famous icons died in a car accident: Rebel without a Cause actor, James Dean; Superstar & Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco; Fairy tales Princess Diana of England; famous author of Gone with the Wind, Margaret Mitchell and so much more.

March 04, 2013

Last Friday, a fatal road accident in Mississippi claimed the lives of New Orleans rapper Awood Johnson and his wife, Chastity Johnson. Awood has been dubbed as Mr. Magic by countless fans who loved his style. The couple had been married for 13 years.

In 1998, the former No Limit Records singer successful launched his album, Sky’s the Limit, which reached number 3 on the hip-hop/R&B albums chart.

.Johnson’s latest success was a record performed with the group Body Head Bangerz in 2004, with the single I Smoke, I Drank.

The death of Mr. Magic and his wife over the weekend was greatly grieved by people in the world industry. Many were shocked that another member of their group is gone; they are offering prayers and sending their sympathy and condolences to the family who are left behind.

Johnson was supposed to have a performance this weekend with Mia X, another rapper. Mia X wrote in her Instagram she was looking forward to performance as she appreciated Mr. Magic’s sense of humor. She also mentioned that Chastity was the love of his love and that God decided that they should not be separated. Awood and Chastity are now in a better and happier place.

Johnson was 37 years old. Twila Wise Johnson, their 12 year-old daughter, was also in the crash but she survived.

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