January 05, 2013

It was a multi-vehicle collision involving 40 vehicles and the death of two persons. Emergency crew reported that 22 victims sustaining from minor to major injuries were transported to local hospitals. There were 37 with slight or minor injuries that opted to be treated on the scene or in their homes.

One firefighter was hurt during the rescue while some had minor lacerations.

As it is the case, traffic going west was close and rerouted to Highway 11Westbound traffic is currently being detoured to Highway 11 a better alternative cited was via Chef Menteur / Highway 90. Eastbound traffic was instructed to exit at Chef Menteur / Highway 90.

Officials announced that it clearing the area would take several hours so all commuters are advised to expect delays. To avoid anxiety and being late for appointments, give extra time in going to your destination.

NOPD is still investigating the cause of the pile-up. A section along 1-10 remained close as a consequence of a three-car crash which happened before the 40-car pile-up.

The Department of Transportation and Development of Louisiana has ordered a section at of Michoud Boulevard in New Orleans to stay during morning rush hour.

Authorities believed that the accidents and closings are brought about by poor area visibility due to a marsh fire that has been ongoing for more than a year.

A lawsuit has also been filed by a victim in connection to the earlier crash.

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Source: Accident in Com