February 21, 2013

New Orleans, La. – The joy of greeting New Year’s Eve was replaced with horror and pain when celebrator Bret Matherne with colleagues witnessed the tragic event happening to their friend Amanda Paglia that night at Decatur Street. They were anticipating the coming of the New Year’ in New Orlean’s French Quarter when fun turned to nightmare.

Matherne narrated that he was crossing Decatur Street on foot with Amanda was hit by a car. The impact threw her down the street as another car unable to brake hit her again. The first car hit her so hard that she was propelled towards the oncoming traffic on the opposite side of the street where another car hit her again.

Theresa Paglia, Amanda’s mom, said that her poor daughter was indisposed for almost two months. Her pelvis was shattered so she was unable to walk. Internal damages were on her lacerated bladder, liver and spleen.

Investigation result of the accident perplexed the family. People present in the scene that tragic night, maintained that the lady-driver who hit Amanda left the scene. But NOPD claimed even at the start of the investigation that the driver was there. These conflicting statements need answers.

A copy of the police report identified Olga Petrova, age 27, as the lady operator behind the wheel of the vehicle that struck Amanda. Her driver’s license has no number. It is strange for someone to drive a car and driver’s license does not contain any number.

Content of the report stated that the officer-in-charge Sergeant Hunter inquired from the vehicle driver if she was impaired who replied that she was not drinking. It further mentioned the absence of any odor of alcohol or other drugs. However, no BAC test was given which was out of their usual procedure.

On January 3, a report stated that officers consulted with persons from the D.A.s office and it was clarified that no citation or charges were issued.

Legal analyst Joe Raspanti said that it is the prerogative of officers handling the accident whether to issue a citation & give a BAC or not. This does not often happen but it does on rare occasions. Since the driver did not fill up a form, her driver’s license was not identified.

Amanda’s mother Theresa, who is an attorney, believed that NOPD’s investigation has gone out of the ordinary. She said that in her 20years as a lawyer she has not come across a police report like this one. She is planning to file a legal suit in this case.

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