February 7, 2013

Harlem – Serious charges will be filed against a man from Brooklyn who was operating a vehicle that hit the Ford Focus, caused the death of one passenger and drove without license. The reckless driver was arrested in Harlem last Wednesday by NYPD officials.

Police were able to identify Wislairs Mentor, age 36, as the operator behind the wheels of 2009 Ford E250 traveling northwards which crashed into a red Ford 2003 Focus. The mishap caused one fatality and 3 injuries that were transported to an area hospital.

According the police, there were four occupants in the Ford, including two children in the vehicle that was negotiating a turn at the corner of West 135th Street..

After the collision, the two vehicles reeled to the northeast corner of the intersection, where they hit a 44-year-old female pedestrian.

The crash was fatal to one of the Focus passengers identified as 46 years-old Litseth Ventura.  Since she was seated in front, she suffered the brunt of the crash and was critically injured. Emergency crew rushed her to the Roosevelt Hospital Center of St. Luke where she was DOA.

The remaining occupants, the driver and two kids, were also transported to Harlem Hospital for treatment. The two children, who were seated at the back, were taken to Harlem Hospital sustaining minor injuries. The driver also suffered some injuries which were not considered as life-threatening.

The unidentified 44 year old pedestrian was delivered to the hospital and is said to be in stable condition.

Mentor was transported to Harlem Hospital and treated for minor injuries. He was later arrested and charged for being an aggravated unlicensed operator and driving a motor vehicle without a license.


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