EVESHAM TWP, N.J. – As of date, police are not able to find new leads in an apparent hit-and-run case which took place last week. But since, the search is ongoing and has widened in scope, they are confident that finding the culprit will happen at any time. At least a vehicle will not disappear and some persons will likely see it.

Last Monday, Evesham Police announced that at least, they will be able to continue working with 81-year-old driver who will be able to more information about the accident as the information that gathered are not yet adequate to make a closure.

Investigators said that pending ongoing investigation, the identity of the driver will not be given out to the media.

Last week, officers spent much time searching for the victim of an accident after police pulled over a car and noticed tell-tale signs of an accident. They saw significant damage at the front passenger section which could only be explained by a vehicular mishap. The accident must have taken placed last Tuesday along East Main Street near Knox Boulevard in Marlton. Police stated that the damaged found on the vehicle really looked consistent with the car striking a person.

At that time, the driver remembered that he was able to hit someone, but told police he weren’t sure what it was or where it happened.

On Friday, the police team executed a search warrant on the vehicle. Whatever evidences they discovered they forwarded to the New Jersey State Police Lab for analysis.
So far, the police said they do not know when the results of lab tests on the evidence will be available.

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Source: My Fox Philly Com