March 03, 2013

The dream of a young couple to live happily ever after with their soon-to-born baby was shattered when a hit-and-run driver crashed on their cab. The couple died on the scene and the doctors managed to save the unborn baby.

Nachman and Raizy Glauber were married for just a year and were expecting to welcome their first child soon. Coming from a closely-knit Jewish Orthodox community, the death of both parents was a sharp blow to the family who were eager to raise the newly-born orphan baby.

The operator of a BMW hit the livery cab bearing both 21-year-old couple. Family friend, Isaac Abraham, related that the couple, Nachman and Raizy Glauber, was on their way to the hospital. Abraham added that they belong to the same neighborhood as he lives a few block away from the tragic scene.

The police were able to reconstruct the accident. They said that impact of the crash sent the livery cab’s engine in the backseat, where Raizy Glauber was seated. Raizy who was in her seventh month of pregnancy was ejected and her body was found beneath a parked tractor-trailer. Her husband was crashed inside the car that emergency workers had to saw off the cab’s roof to extricate him.

Both victim were transported to the local hospital but were declared dead; however, the doctors did a cesarean surgery on the mother to save the baby. Medical examiner said both died as a result of blunt-force trauma.

The baby was delivered by CS but remained in grave danger. Neighbors and friends were worried for the baby weighed only four pounds.

The BMW driver and one passenger fled from the scene and is now the object of a police search.

That fatal Saturday, Raizy was not feeling well so they decided to go to the hospital. Sara Glauber who is a cousin of Nachman called them a cab since like most people living in NYC, they have no car.

Last year, after the Glaubers got married, they decided to make Williamsburg their home, where Raizy was reared by a prominent Jewish Orthodox family..

Her husband was raised in New York where his family founded a successful line of Orthodox Jews clothing and was studying in a nearby rabbinical college.

The largest community of ultra-Orthodox Jews living outside Israel is residing in Brooklyn; there are around 250,000 of them. The community is governed under rigid rules as to their clothing, social customs and interaction with the world outside. It is traditional for men to wear dark suit with long coat, a hat of Fedora style and sporting a long beard and ear locks.

According to Jewish rite, the dead are buries a few hours after death. The Glaubers had more than 1,000 mourners attending the funeral at the synagogue. Men wore black hats gathered around the coffin with their women in bright headscarves. It is their religion to separate men from women. The men were standing in the middle of the street while the women were at the sidewalk.

The mourners were wailing as the two coffins covered in black velvet with silver trimmings were carried to a vehicle. A line of men and women were reciting eulogies in Yiddish as they spoke about the virtues of the young couple.

When the eulogies were done, the two coffins were borne by two cars towards Monsey where another service was planned by Nachman’s family…

Friends and relatives were recalling the virtues of the young man. He was a loving son, always solicitous of his mother who also delivered a baby a few weeks ago.

Epilogue on March 04, 2013, the infant of the couple whose parents who died when a BMW hit the livery cab they were riding has just joined his parents in afterlife, according to a family spokesman.

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Source: Newser Com