DALLAS – An off-duty police officer died resulting from a head-on collision. Dallas police officials reported that Sr. Cpl. Recardo Trejo was killed last Saturday afternoon in Kendall County, north of San Antonio. Sr. Cpl. Recardo Trejo was a member of the Dallas Police Department.

Information released by Texas Department of Public Safety officials said that Trejo was driving around a curve when he crossed into oncoming traffic and hit another vehicle. He died at the scene.

Based on media report, the man in the other vehicle was listed in stable condition at a local hospital. For the last 36 years, Trejo had worked for the Dallas Police Department.

Dallas police officials sadly confirmed that one of their officers while off-duty was killed in a head-on collision. Sr. Cpl. Recardo Trejo died Saturday afternoon in Kendall County, north of San Antonio. The officer was driving and was negotiating a turn on a curve when he crossed into oncoming traffic and crashed into another vehicle. The impact was forceful that he died at the scene. However, the man operating the other vehicle was delivered to a local hospital and medical staff said that he is in stable condition.

Trejo is a veteran for the Dallas Police Department having worked in the department for the last 35 years. He was assigned to cover the southeast division.

Assistant police chief Mike Genovesi learned that Trejo was driving alone in Bexar County when the tragic mishap occurred.No other information on the incident has been released.

Deputy chief Tammy Ellzey said that Trejo was like family to the division. The citizens of Dallas lost a devoted and a remarkable officer who is difficult to replace. Because of his wonderful spirit, the deceased also worked as a school liaison.

Dallas police are sending out their support and condolences to the family. Funeral arrangements have not been made yet.

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