Geoff MacBride, an off-duty paramedic, unselfishly saved the life of the van driver who had coincidentally endangered his own.

The 37-year-old off-duty paramedic was stopped while waiting to make a left turn when a minivan driven by a 34-year-old Toronto driver plowed through MacBride’s SUV on Friday around 5:30 in the afternoon.

The impact sent MacBride’s vehicle half a block from where he originally was with the back of his vehicle now on the front.

After MacBride checked that “everything is in place,” he ran towards the van which had burst into flames, trapping the driver inside.

Luckily, the van door opened and MacBride was able to drag the driver across three lanes of traffic away from the blazing fire, afraid it might explode at the crash scene near Woodbine Ave. and O’Connor Dr. Friday afternoon.

MacBride had apparently become a hero twice when he was able to detect first that a fire had started again even after the firefighters had put the flames off. He was undergoing treatment for his injuries at the crash scene when he noticed the fire starting again and sprinted immediately to put out the fire.

His colleagues regarded him as a hero because he unselfishly put other’s life first before him.

MacBride responded that it was his job and that is why people call them when people are having a bad day.

The impact of the crash affected his spine. He was left fairly immobile, unable to turn his neck and unable to lift his arm but was certain that he will live and get better. He says that he is just happy to be alive.

The minivan driver was charged with impaired driving and had been released from custody since then.

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