Philadelphia – A police officer from Philadelphia has surrendered to authorities after his car crashed and killed another driver.

Officer Thomas Winkis, age 45 turned himself in to the police last Tuesday. He was charged with the following: (1) vehicular homicide; (2) DUI; (3) manslaughter considered; and (4) reckless endangerment.

According to investigators, Winkis was DUI at a speed of 100 mph when he broadsided a van around 11:30 o’clock in the evening of Sept. 14 at NE Philadelphia.

The operator of the van was identified as David Farries, age 55 who died several days after hospital admittance.

Winkis was suspended by Commissioner Charles Ramsey for a month with intent to dismiss.

After a Philadelphia police officer surrendered to authorities, he was formally charged in a fatal car crash and accused of drinking and driving.

The Police sergeant was the cause of a deadly accident just one week following the death of his ex-wife.

It was nearly two weeks after Winkis’ car slammed into a van driven by David Farries when charges were filed and the cop suspended.

Farries’ family is demanding justice for his death and was glad that the charges were filed against Winkis.

Tammy Farries, the victim’s wife, said she was glad that charges were made and the police suspended.

Daughter Christine Farries said that her father’s death has been agony for them as they sat by his side holding his hand while dying in front of his family.

On the other Winkis was dealing with a personal tragedy. Two days prior to the accident as on the 7th of September, Michelle Winkis who was a beloved district officer and his ex-wife, succumbed suddenly from aneurysm of the brian.

However, there were reports that Winkis was spending time drinking at a local restaurant. Authorities asked the manager of the restaurant for the surveillance video showing office inside drinking. This would be a good evidence for the case.

According to the District Attorney’s Office, Winkis surrendered voluntarily to the authorities and was processed. After arraignment, he posted 10% of the $50,000 bail and was soon released.

Although the Farries family was happy that charges were filed but they were discontented that the suspect was given enough time before he himself turned in.

Tammie even commented that if it was the other way around that her dad was the one who killed a cop; he would have been taken in from day one.

Sources revealed that Winkis was given the more time for he had to undergo an undisclosed surgery. Farries’ wife and daughters claimed that the treatment was not fair.

According to Tammie Farries if it was anyone else having surgery, the cops would have been guarding him right in the hospital.

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