Being in the police force is not an easy feat. This job requires courage, dedication and the passion to serve the community. These dedicated men and women put their lives at risk in order to bring peace and order in our community. This morning, another officer of the police force lost her life in the service of the community. \the victim was one of Seattle’s police officer.

The victim, 30-year-old officer Beth Nowak, was on her way to work at about 2 in the morning when her BMW was T-boned by another vehicle, a Honda, near the intersection of Elliott Avenue West.
However, according to the police, the vehicle that had T-boned Nowak’s BMW was reported to be a stolen vehicle. Last night, the vehicle was stolen in front of an establishment, Starbucks, in South Seattle.

Witnesses of the incident say that they saw that the stolen Honda was traveling at a high rate of speed. To make matters worse, the headlights were not turned on shortly before the accident occurred.

The impact of the crash instantly killed officer Nowak’s life and the life of the driver of the Honda as well. The Honda driver’s identity remains unknown up to this moment. There was a passenger inside the Honda. The passenger sustained injuries and was brought to Harborview Medical Center. The extent of the injuries the passenger had sustained was not specified by the police.

In an examination done by the coroner’s office, it was found out that Officer Nowak had perished due to the injuries she sustained on her head, neck and body.

Officer Nowak’s sister did not make any comment with regards to the unfortunate incident that claimed the life of her sister since she, herself, recently found out about the incident. Another family member refused to make any comments with the tragic incident.

Officer Nowak had recently completed field training and had been and in service at the Seattle police department for roughly two weeks. Police Officer Nowak had been assigned in the early day shift.
Officer Nowak was previously employed at the Racine, Wis., police department before she was transferred to East Precinct in Seattle.
The incident backed-up traffic at Elliott Avenue and West Prospect Street. The area had been temporarily shut down and was later reopened an hour later to the motorists.

This morning’s incident is only one of the instances wherein a police officer’s life was claimed while on duty. On August 13, a newbie Seattle police officer was killed immediately after a woman, who was reported to be traveling at a high rate of speed, crashed into 26-year-old police officer Joselito Barber’s patrol car. The suspect, Mary Jane Rivas, was charged with vehicular homicide and cocaine possession wherein she pleaded not guilty.

As a part of the greater community, let us not forget the bravery that these police officers display as they put their lives at stake for our sake. May these incidents serve as a reminder for us to appreciate and thank each of these officers who have shown selfless acts for us and our community.

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