March 06, 2013

This morning, an officer of the Philadelphia Police was brought to the hospital after her patrol car which may not have been properly parked or for some other reasons, rolled backwards that pinned her with another approaching car. She suffered an injury on the leg.

According to the police, the mishap took place at around 9:45 o’clock that morning at the corner of Grays Avenue and 63rd Street along Southwest Philadelphia. The name of the injured officer was not released to the media.

Public affairs police told the reporters that the officer got out of her cruiser for a traffic stop but her vehicle started rolling backwards. Meanwhile another civilian car was approaching which pinned the officer as her vehicle continued moving in reverse.

Another police officer said that the cruiser was not parked properly that was why it rolled backwards. It is not clear how the incident happened.

The injured police was transported to the University Hospital of Pennsylvania where was listed in stable condition as of Wednesday.

The driver of the civilian vehicle was not harmed.

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