Indianapolis – New year, new life. However, such was not the case of a woman when she was fatally struck by a police officer on New Year’s Eve dating back to 2008.

Several years had passed since Amber Raines was struck and killed by a police officer responding to a back-up call. The young mother and a friend of hers was “jaywalking” Keystone Avenue near the intersection shortly after 9 in the evening when the tragedy occurred.

Now, the family of Raines holds an important evidence that will bring justice to the death of their daughter. An evidence that will prove that the officer that struck their daughter was travelling at very high speed when she responded to a back-up call.

Police dispatch records reveal that the officer, Officer Erin Ringham, only took 41 seconds to report that she was now in position for the back up call.

Officer Ringham had been near Keystone when she received a back-up call alert. Officer Ringham had responded with her lights and sirens off. The only things that were on were her headlights.

A radio transmission record pulled out from the night of the incident shows that it took her less than a minute—41 seconds to be exact—to report back to the back-up call. She even mentioned that someone had run in front of her at Keystone and that she needed medic to be dispatched.

This finding is very crucial to the lawsuit Raines’ family against the officer. This proves that the Officer Ringham had been travelling in dangerous speeds—possibly around 90-95 mph—during the time of accident and shall disprove Officer Ringham’s claim that she had only been going at 50-55 mph.

IMPD’s accident review team had considered the incident a non-preventable case because of the location where Raines was hit. Raines’ mother countered that even if her daughter crossed the right way, she would still be hit because of the rate Officer Ringham was going.

IMPD has kept mum about the case which is not unsual because IMPD do not discuss a case such as this that involves them or their officers.

Raines’ attorney assured that these findings will be surely brought up in the next court hearing and will surely have an impact on the case.

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