A $500,000 legal claim has been filed by a former Huntington Park police officer against the city of Los Angeles after suffering multiple serious physical injuries when his car was rear-eded by a city-owned SUV driven by City Councilman Jose Huizar, 44.

In October, 49-year-old David Ceja’s 2002 Saturn was struck by Huizar’s 2008 Toyota Highlander on 1st Street in Boyle Heights. According to Ceja’s attorney, Humberto Guizar, Huizar had repeatedly asked not to alert the Los Angeles Police Department with the matter.

Only after 2 and a half hour later did the police take blood alcohol test to Huizar. He was subsequently detained that night and had a zero result in breathalyzer.

Guizar is suspicious with the police’s act in letting Huizar sit in the patrol car after the crash and waiting more than 2 hours to take blood alcohol test. Lawyer Myles Berman, who specializes in drunk driving cases, said the timing of the blood alcohol test may have not mattered because drivers who score zero in breathalyzer 3 hours after the crash would have a below the legal limit of blood alcohol during the crash.

Rick Coca, Huizar’s spokesman, would not speak about the legal claim and the LAPD advised Huizar not to exchange information with the other driver since there were no serious injuries.

Guizar countered that his client had “serious spinal injuries” and severe back pain as a result of a “very hard impact to the rear of his car.”

Ceja had pointed to Huizar that a government vehicle was involved but Huizar said, after calling a friend at LAPD, that the matter can be handled without a report. Ceja insisted in having a police report.

Ceja called the LAPD at Hollenbeck themselves and insisted for a police report and sobriety test. When police arrived, there was no equipment for the test available. Huizar sat in the police car until 9p.m and was not tested until he was brought to the police station.

Huizar was described by sources from LAPD to be cooperative. They also said that accident reports on collision are handled by LAPD between city cars and private vehicles.

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