MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. (WSVN) –A bus that crashed into a bus stop on Tuesday afternoon claimed the life of a South Florida woman and critically injured two others.

Overall, six were injured in the crash. The other three people that were hit by the vehicle are recuperating in the hospital.
The accident had occurred near Northwest 199th Street and Second Avenue at about 4:30 in the afternoon.

A white car was traveling at a high speed on 199th Street when he struck a black vehicle, said Miami Gardens Police. The force of the crash sent the white car onto a bus stop in front of a CVS.
Austin Hines and his brother, witnesses and Good Samaritans, said that they saw a man trapped under a car and he and his brother, along with other people, helped the guy out by lifting the car.

According to Hines, the driver had run over two people. One was knocked hard that the victim flew approximately 20 feet whilst the other one was still under the car. Two were in critical condition after the driver went over them completely. The one that remained under the car was conscious and coherent whilst the two that was knocked away appeared to be lethargic.

One victim that was injured seriously was Delia Tafur. Her legs had to be amputated and he was airlifted to Jackson Memorial Hospital.
83-year-old Mary Smith died at the hospital on Tuesday night whilst Wendy Vasquez is still in critical condition. Two others were injured and one other received treatment and was later on discharged.
The driver of the black vehicle that the white car struck had her three kids inside the car. She said that she did not know what happened because it was sudden. She added that her kids are unharmed.

On Wednesday morning, two were discharged from the hospital while three others were still in critical condition.
Until the police complete their investigation, the driver, who was taken into custody, will not be charged.

The driver’s sister offered words of compassion to the people affected and to their families.

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