HIGHLAND PARK, Calif. — A car that crashed into a Highland Park hamburger restaurant had left one woman dead and injuring three others. Police are trying to determine the reason behind the driver’s crashing.

The incident happened at Troy’s Burgers on York Boulevard near Armadale Avenue on a Saturday afternoon.

A video footage from a surveillance camera shows a family eating calmly and looking out the window when suddenly, a car slams through and only stopping after hitting the counter. The car landed onto several people while others ran away.

52-year-old Martha Pena was killed in the incident. The 19-year-old driver was not identified and officers had given a sobriety test which he had passed. He remains uncharged.

The driver claims that he did not remember what had happened.

Emma Perez, the neighbor’s family, said that the family has lived in the area for years and had just seen them on Saturday morning and had told her of their plans on a trip to New Mexico to visit relatives and when she saw the van still outside their house on Sunday morning, that’s when she found out about the horrible incident.

Tables and benches that were smashed ay strewn across Troy’s Burger’s store.

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