INDIANAPOLIS – It seems that more and more police chase related vehicular accidents are happening today.

Indianapolis was once again greeted a tragic incident at the very start of the week. Early Monday morning, shortly after 12 in the morning, a vehicular accident happened near Washington and Tremont streets.

The accident claimed the life of the young driver whilst a passenger sustained injuries. It was later on found out that the surviving passenger’s condition has been promoted to good condition.

The vehicle the suspects had been driving had crashed into a utility pole as the police chased their vehicle.

The incident started after an officer had noticed that the vehicle of the suspects had not turned on its headlights. The officer alerted them by flashing the lights of his patrol car. However, instead of heeding from the police’s warning signals, the suspects decided to speed away.

That is when the police began pursuing the suspects. The chase went around through several neighborhoods. The chase had only reached not more than 50 mph speed. However, when the vehicle tried to turn to Pershing Avenue, the driver lost control of the vehicle and ended up crashing into a nearby utility pole. The accident area is also close to George Washington Community High School.

The impact of the crash killed the driver at the scene whilst the passenger sustained injuries and was brought to Wishard Hospital. Updates from the hospital shows that the passenger’s condition is improving and his life is not in danger.

Both involved persons were estimated to be around their teenage years. Because of the age of the suspects, caution is observed by the police. They will not be releasing at all the identities of the involved persons.

The tragic incident is not the only police chase related accident that had happened in the state. Not long ago—specifically six days ago—one other deadly car crash happened after the police chased the vehicle. According to the police, the vehicle they were chasing was a stolen vehicle. The report had happened earlier in the day. Sadly, two lives—both teenagers—were claimed in the incident.

Because of the increasing vehicular accident cause by police chase, IMPD had announced that the department will go over their chase policy and will seek to make changes. Such changes include that the police are only allowed to chase suspects that pose immediate threat or are violent. As of the moment, no such changes had been implemented.

However, not everybody is in favor of the proposed changes because according to the opposition, the suspects have freedom to decide whether to escape from the police.

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