Bensalem, Philadelphia – One woman was died and four others sustained serious injuries following an accident along Interstate 95 at the South last Friday morning.

The mishap occurred at about 8:30 o’clock in the morning at the Interstate 95 going south beyond the Woodhaven Rd. in Bensalem.

According to State Police of Pennsylvania, a LeSabre Buick spin over after the driver tried to change lanes. In the process, it clipped another car.

There were four people inside the Buick who were injured.

One fatality was an elderly woman, age 60 whom authorities claimed was not wearing a seat belt.

However, the driver of the second car was not hurt.

Due to the accident, Interstate 95 going north was closed near the Academy Rd. while investigators were re for accident reconstructing the accident. At about noon, road were again reopened. Interstate 95 south along Woodhaven Rd. was closed at about 1:20 o’clock that afternoon but later reopened after a few hours.

Due to the deadly accident, part of I-95 through Bucks County was shut down for hours that Friday afternoon.

The accident claimed the life of one woman while four others were seriously hurt.

The road is soon reopened but it was causing big problems for the commuters as portions of the road were closed down at times during the afternoon to accommodate the investigation and to cleanup.

The accident happened during the height of the morning rush hour along the exit of Woodhaven Rd. and caused major traffic headaches for commuters.

The fatality was identified as Lorraine Deans, age 60, resident of of Philadelphia. She was one of three people inside the Buick 2003Le Sabre who was ejected from the car after it rolled over several times.

There were four injured in the Buick with major injuries and were transported to the Aria Health of Torresdale campus and University Hospital of Hahnemann.

Pennsylvania State Police said that the Buick was driving north along Interstate 95 in its left lane when it made a risky lane change and in the process sideswiped a Volkswagen 2013 Passat that was traveling northward  in the center lane of the highway.

After the Passat was struck, the Buick swerved sharply to the left and hit a steel guardrail in the center median, then it flipped over the rail.

The car turned over several times before coming it stopped at the driver’s side right in the center median.

Injuries in the accident are as follows: (1) the driver of the Buick Dolores Brown, age 67; (2) Margaret Solomon, age 72; (3) Amelia Arango, age 71; and (4) Loraine Williams, age 63. According to the police, Brown, Deans, and Williams were not wearing seat belts.

The Philadelphia woman, age 49, who was behind the wheel of the Passat was not injured.

According to state police they are continuing their investigation to get into the bottom of the accident.

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