A massive multi-vehicular car crash in Markham on a Monday afternoon took the life of an elderly man.

Six vehicles were involved in a chain-reaction pile-up car crash near Markville Mall at McCowan Road and Highway 7 minutes before 12:30 in the afternoon, according to the York Regional Police.

The car crash started when a cube van that was towing a small excavator had T-boned an SUV, says the police. The SUV driver was declared dead on the spot by the police.

Const. Rebecca Boyd said that when then the van had reached the intersection with the towed trailer; control of the car was lost completely.

The driver’s name was not released to the public.

An ambulance was quickly sent out to the scene of the accident. One woman had sustained life threatening injuries and was rushed to a hospital.

The first car to be hit by the cube van in the chain-reaction crash was driven by Winston Galloway who said that he was about to left turn to the mall when his car was hit.

CTV Toronto was told by Galloway that there was a big thump and his car and wondered what it was.

The next car to be hit was driven by Teresa Anastasopolous. She said that looking at her rear-view mirror moments before the crash happened.

She said that the truck was coming fast and looked unstable and the next she knew, it had hit her car, hit another across from her and then finally hit the white car.

She added that everything was just really fast and that it was sad and tragic.

Investigation is still ensuing and Highway 7 was closed in between McCowan Road and Bullock Drive.

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