Columbia, SC– A South Carolina man is horrified to learn that his two teenage daughters were inside the car that caught fire.

And worse, he was only able to save one.
The car crash accident occurred near their home last Friday after her daughters, 14-year-old trumpet player Shayla Andrews and 17-year-old Joye, performed at halftime in the Saluda High School band.

Her daughters were heading home in their dad’s car. Shortly after, a neighbor alerted the father, Earnest Andrews, that a car accident happened just a few feet away from his front door.

The distraught father said that he just ran because the car was already in flames and he knew it was his car and her two daughters were inside. He said that he heard hi baby calling ‘Daddy, Daddy!’ and just knew he had to get them out.

With the car being engulfed in flames, he was able to extricate Shayla away from harm.
Unfortunately, as he was going back to get Joye out, the car exploded.

Shayla called for her sister as soon as she woke up. She learned that her sister did not make it.

Shayla said that her sister was the nicest person and her best friend. The Andrews family did not only suffer this tragedy. Back in 2011, a third daughter was also killed in a car accident in Florida.

The father said he wishes that somebody would hit him and wake up, but, it’s devastatingly real. The cuase of the crash is still being investigated.

Donations for the family will be accepted by Saluda High School at their main office addressed Ivory Key Road. Office number: 864-445-3011.  Columbia Injury Lawyer.