A deadly car crash in Markham, Ont. took the life of a man. The vehicle lost control, flipped onto its hood before crashing into a business nearby.

After the early morning car accident, the York Regional Police closed a portion of 16th Avenue at Highway 48 in Markham city.

The driver of a BMW X5 was travelling at a very high speed when he lost control of his vehicle while maneuvering a curve.

The car had hit a curb, got off the road, and crashed a business plaza before resting on its hood where it lay crumpled close to a nearby pine tree

The driver died instantly after being thrown off the vehicle at around 30 metres distance from the scene, according to the police. The body was discovered shortly before 6 in the morning.

A part of the car had torn through more than one window of the plaza. Some debris from the accident such as broken tree parts and a victim’s shoe was discovered on the roof of the plaza.

The other shoe was discovered in a nearby parking lot. Furthermore, a red jacket was discovered hanging in a bush nearby.

A vet clinic was forced to evacuate several animals as a precaution after the building’s front part was destroyed by the car accident.

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Dr. Clifford Redford said to CTV Toronto that all of the glasses had been blown out and that glass as well as debris of the car had gone through the building to the opposite side.
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