NEWARK, Del. – A Hit-and Run incident badly injured a 52-year-old woman as she was walking to work on the morning of Monday.

Her daughter, Rebecca Eldreth, received a call that no child would expect—her mother was involved in a hit-and-run and is in bad shape.
Eldreth said that she was hysterical and anxious to see her mother. She added that she knows accidents happen but what happens after that is something within our control. She could not understand how another person could do such thing.

The victim, 52-year-old Maria, was on her way to work at a medical packing company on foot with a friend when a black SUV, with Maryland plates, struck her and her friend, 67-year-old Judith Johnson from Newark, from behind and did not stop to help the victims. Both victims were doing the same, routine walking from the bus stop close to Corporate Boulevard and Lake Drive, but just a little earlier than the usual. Both were taken to Christiana Hospital with Judith suffering minor injuries whilst Maria is now on life support.

“Eldreth said that her mother’s normal functions are ceased. She alive because of the life support machine but is essentially not there anymore.

27-year-old Rebecca Eldreth is now tasked with to make extremely hard decisions for her mother because most of their relatives are in Spain and she is the only relative living here.
Eldreth added that she’s devastated because she is not only her mother but her best friend as well.

Despite facing the very hard situation, she finds strength that she claims to have come from her mother.

Lastly, she adds that wherever her mother will be, she will always stay to be the very vibrant and beautiful person she always had been.

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