LOUISVILLE, Ky. – The JCPS bus crash last month brought about negative repercussions to the Frost Middle School.

The Jacari Wales’ family is planning to pull him from school even though Jacari is now in the 6th grade. Wales’ family thought the bus ride was such a bad experience, and once he and 46 other students on board that bus were hurt, it was enough to make a decision. Wales broke his collarbone and hurt his spine.

But almost a month after the crash, with the pain still healing for some of the kids, Jacari is still at Frost Middle, still riding the same 40-minute route to get there.

Jacari’s Grandmother, Jackie Wales said that it takes too long to get a transfer and told the family that it would be better for him to remain in the same school. It means that every day, the boy will recall the wreck and the pain.

Jacari said that each day he rides the bus home from school and he always remember the place where the accident occurred, the marks and the grass, how it has dents in it from the wheel.

Jacari is still wearing a back brace and a sling, which he has to wear unless he’s sleeping. He is due to see his spine doctor soon to determine if there’s any long term damage to a disc he injured in his back.

Jacari’s friend, 7th grader Daeshaun Jones is was ahead in the healing process but he is still feeling the effects of a fractured leg. He also sports a scar from a deep gash he had on his forehead from the crash.

Daeshaun said that due to the crash, he can no longer do all the stuff he used to do before the accident, like back flips and somersaults and everything else.

However, students involved in the crash have become somewhat of celebrities at school for their shared experience.

26 days later the students hope the physical pain and the memory of the crash will someday begin to fade.

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Source: WHAS 11 Com