Heroes never die as they are always in the hearts of people. For this reason, they are honored, admired and remembered. One of Philadelphia’s policemen was killed while doing his duty.

Way back in 1941, Capt. Hugh McCann, Philadelphia police, was killed while he was directing traffic in Feltonville.

More than six decades after, that stretch of road where he lost his life will forever remember him for years to come.

Today, at the intersection of Roosevelt Blvd. and Rising Ave., Philadelphia’s Police department dedicated a plaque in McCann’s honor.

McCann expired just a few days after he was run over by a vehicle while on duty. He was directing traffic as a convoy of Army vehicles were on this way to Fort Dix.

Several days after he was hit by a car, he died on June 13, 1941. He was critically struck by a car driven by a man who claimed that he got confused by the traffic while an army convoy of vehicles was enroute  to  Fort Dix.

McCann was 53 years-old at that time and had been a veteran of the police force for 28 years. He was survived by his wife, five daughters and three sons.

According to police record, McCann died while on duty as he was directing traffic at the corner of Rising Sun Ave. and Roosevelt Blvd. A convoy of Army vehicles was passing through Philadelphia as they were going to Fort Dix. A man driving his car ran over the police as he claimed he was confused by the traffic.

Police Department has high regards for Captain McCann as he served with the agency for 28 years. He deserved the honor as a policeman who did his duty well and died doing it.

At 11:00 o’clock morning of Wednesday, 9th of October, 2013, a Hero Cop Plaque will be dedicated in the place where he fell by Lawyer James J. Binns. Two-hundred –sixty Hero Plaques have been awarded posthumously by Binns for Philly’s everyday heroes.

Philadelphia Police Internal Affairs Division was informed last April 8, 2013 that one of their officers identified as Police Officer Louis Fletcher of the 9th District of a possible Integrity violation.

An investigation has been conducted by the Internal Affairs into the allegations of misconduct gathered from information received at that time. It showed that Fletcher was intentionally providing false documents to the department in his request for compensation for his military leave from January of 2012 until March 2013. The amount totaled around $3788.94.

They uncovered facts that Fletcher retired from the military in September 2011 and  had not dealt with any military duty during the time in which he requested his leave.

Last October 8th, Fletcher was apprehended and charged with the v following: (1) theft by unlawful taking or disposition; (2) theft by deception; (3) receiving stolen property; (4) tampering with records; and (5) making identification and unsworn falsification to authorities.

Fletcher was suspended for thirty days with the intent to dismiss by Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey.

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