Troopers are investigating several crashes happening at Schuylkill Haven last Wednesday. At around 12:50 o’clock high noon, a one -vehicle crash happened at the County road of Schuylkill near SR125 SR in the Twp. of Pine Grove Township.

According to report, Jeep 2004 was operated by Andrew S. Stevens, age 22, resident of Pine Grove. He was driving south, as he was approaching the corner of Mountain Rd., he negotiated a left turn but failed to complete the turn as he was driving in high speed.

The Jeep struck the right side of the guide rail. Stevens, after hitting the rail, fled from the scene not informing the owner of the property, as well as reporting the incident to the police. However, one witness saw the incident and gave the troopers the vehicle number which pointed to Stevens’ identity.

Stevens received the following citations: (1) crash; and (2) operating a vehicle at excessive speed.

Another two-vehicle crash happened at about 4:13 o’clock in the evening along SR 61 at the Twp. of West Brunswick. Troopers identified the suspect as Barry J. Leibensperger, age 50, resident of Schuylkill Haven. He was made to stop at the right lane going south because the school bus was dropping off students at the area. The vehicle of Mark C. Pullano, age 60, and resident of Reading, was also behind the car of Leibesperger.

Pullano was not able to stop immediately as the front of his Chevrolet 2004 Astro hit the right back part of the of Kia 2013 Optima operated by Leibensperger.

Leibensperger sustained minor injury but Pullano was not injured. Pullano was issued a citation by the police for following too closely.

The third crash took place at around 6:02 o’clock in the evening when two vehicle collided at the intersection of Yohe St. and SR209 in Porter Twp. Troopers identified Bruce L. Bender II, age 40, resident of Tower City, as the frst operator. He was traveling west and Helen C. Limbert, age 60, resident of Valley View, the other operator was traveling east along 209. Bender failed to negotiate a right turn as he was coming from 209 into Yohe. The vehicle of Bender  in front hit the car of Limbert.

There was no person injured but troopers gave Bender a citation for driving on roadways lane of the traffic.

Schuylkill County had a fourth accident that of a one -vehicle crash that happened at about 5:37 o’clock in the afternoon along Bethel Rd. in Pine Grove Twp.

Troopers identified Jadene L. Hurst, age 25, resident of Schuylkill Haven, as the driver of Plymouth 2001 Neon. Going north, the car started to veer off the road for Hurst stepping on her brakes lost control of the vehicle.

The Plymouth continued running towards the berm and hit a guide rail, then ascended to the embankment where it came to stop.

Hurst sustained minor injuries and was delivered to the Medical Center of Schuylkill at S. Jackson Street, Pottsville.

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