Car crashed into an Orange County home on Thursday morning that left one woman dead and two others, including a child, injured, according to Florida Highway Patrol.

According to FHP, the accident happened on Stonecrest Court and Cypress Springs Parkway in the Cypress Springs community in eastern Orange County.

The car had attempted to pass a van on a curve when it slid off the curb and smashed into the house, witnesses said to WFTV.

Debris were scattered everywhere with the vehicle flipped to its side when WFTV arrived at the scene.

The driver of the Acura TL, Travis Fullencamp, 35 years old, had attempted to out run a slow moving van when he lost control of his Acura. According to troopers, Fullencamp was speeding.

The passenger who was seating at the front seat, 39 year old Melanie Chaplin, was the thrown out of the vehicle. One witness, who wants to remain unidentified, says that the vehicle had unfortunately landed on top of her. Chaplin was dead before the paramedics had arrived in the scene of accident.

Her daughter, 6 year old Shelby, was brought to Arnold Palmer Hospital and was listed to be in a stable condition.

The witnessed who wishes to remain unidentified also helped in cutting Shelby loose from the seat belt in the back seat. Shelby was then immediately brought to Arnold Palmer Hospital.

Fullencamp, meanwhile, was taken to Orlando Regional Medical Center by the paramedics and was reported to be in serious condition.

A backpack from the car found its way to the roof of the house along with some debris coming from the car crash.

People living in the house were not hurt, according to troopers.

Florida Highway Patrol is still trying to see if Fullencamp will be filed with any charges.

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