This Thanksgiving, grief has stricken the family of a woman who died in a tragic vehicular collision that involved a vehicle that travelled on the wrong way on Highway 407.

When the victim, 47-year-old Carol Grimmond, and her twin brother had left the 99th birthday gathering of their grandfather in Vaughan on Saturday night, she told her extended family that she’ll be seeing them soon.

The siblings, who just recently moved to Windsor, were headed to their mother’s place at Oakville and were travelling on Highway 407 when a Mazda 3, which was travelling on the wrong way in the westbound lanes, had hit them, according the police.

Grimmond perished because of the injuries she sustained whilst his brother only suffered minor injuries. The driver of the Mazda 3, who was identified to be female, was arrested on site and had sustained minor injuries too.

CTV Toronto was told by Grimmond’s aunt, Yvette Grimmond, that her nephew, Carol Grimmond’s twin borther, was driving the car and didn’t see the incoming Mazda and said that there was nothing that he could have done and that the car just came to their direction out of nowhere.

OPP Const. Dave Woodford said that this tragic accident should be a reminder that it is never OK to drink and drive. He also said that people really don’t understand that you just can’t be out in behind the wheel of a car while intoxicated.

Grimmond’s family had expressed their grief in a time where they should be celebrating and said that this incident shouldn’t have happened and no family should ever go through this kind of incident.

Mary Sampson, 55-years-old from Oakville, has been charged with multiple offences including impaired driving, criminal negligence, and dangerous operation of a motor vehicle—all of which, causing death.

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