Harrisburg – Turnpike Commission is planning an all-electronic tolling system for the toll plazas numbering more than 76 toll plazas, as well as its toll collectors along Pennsylvania’s turnpike of 545-mile.

This way, commuters no longer need to pay with their cash as an E-Z Pass is used every time they be passing by  Pennsylvania Turnpike.

Carl DeFebo, concurrent Turnpike spokesperson, confirmed the plan to transform the Turnpike to an electronic tolling system by 2018 as next in their agenda.

Each time a motorist with E-ZPass passes, the amount of the toll fee is deducted from an account that is pre-paid for the user. So drivers san E-ZPass will have information of their car’s license plate taken by the camera and cost of the bill mailed to the vehicle’s registered owner.

A statewide marketing campaign will be launched by the commission between now and the time that the all-electronic tolling system is in place. The commission is expecting an 85% of E-ZPass users by all turnpike travelers. Today, only about 70% of travelers are using E-Z Pass.

This is probably the most economical and convenient way for electronic tolling as it is so much cheaper for the turnpike to operate.  Only a 20 cents amount of 20 is subtracted from E-ZPass per use; compared to $1paid for cash transaction.  It was in 2000 when E-ZPass was initially used what resulted to hiring fewer toll workers. It was also an advantage to speed and safety of toll users.

DeFebo also guaranteed to non-EZ Passers pay-up, including those whose vehicle registration is suspended that the agency is developing plans as penalty for present tolls after passage of a new law.

Every day, an estimated more than 30,000 to 40,000 vehicles are passing through without E-ZPass, as per agency figures.

Using an electronic tolling, E-ZPass holders would be paying lower tolls; the same way as E-ZPass is much cheaper than paying in cash. Payment for the up-front cost would be around $10 but an initial fee of $35 is required to be used as a declining balance for toll fare including an annual fee of $3.

Jenny Robinson who is the spokesperson for AAA Mid-Atlantic said their organization is agreeable to the use of cashless tolling for it improved traffic flow. This finally guarantees safer roads, lesser speedier trips and using fuel economically. AAA has always been an avid supporter of E-Z Pass and is selling transponders at its stores and encouraging users of the toll benefits.

This move is a step forward to provide a system that insures fairness to drivers from out-of-state drivers who do not possess an E-ZPass, or they might be subject to a fine.

President Joshua Schank of the Eno Transportation believes that an all-electronic tolling is the technology that not only benefits the commuters but it is thoroughly tested. The measure generates more revenues and also an advantage to the motorists as the devices are designed to the demands required in the highway at certain times.

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