PHILADELPHIA – Two paramedics were attacked Monday morning by a patient who jumped from the ambulance and tried to steal a fire engine. It was the usual routine for ambulance to ferry seriously injured car-accident victim to the hospital. But the trip became unusual when the patient attacked the paramedics before police officers answered medical call for assistance.

Frank Keel, spokesperson for the firefighters’ union, Local 22 International Association of Fire Fighters, said they had to taser the patient to regain control.

According to Keel, it was around 5:30 o’clock in the morning when the incident happened on Erie Ave. near the 19th in Tioga. A car hit a pedestrian on Roosevelt Boulevard and left him severely injured. Paramedics responded and were bringing the patient to the hospital when he regained consciousness and started attacking them; he allegedly forced one medic out of the ambulance and hopped out into the street. He threw an oxygen bottle into the glass window of the fire truck and forced himself into the driver’s seat and tried to drive away. Firefighters dragged him out of the track, where he was tasered by police and eventually subdued.

The two paramedics sustained minor injuries and were transported to the University Hospital of Temple and was later released. The patient hospitalized at Temple is listed under critical condition. Police spokesperson, Officer Tanya Little said that the patient when recovered will be facing criminal charges for the assault.

Union president Bill Gault related that the early morning fracas occurred at corner of 19th and Erie when paramedics responded to an emergency call to a car accident. The event demonstrated the risks that union brothers and sisters have to face every day in Philadelphia City. The two paramedics are fine. Due to their quick thinking, valor and training, the situation was alleviated. This matter is now in the hands of the police department.

A union spokesperson stated that the paramedics were attacked when they were along the intersection of Erie Ave. and 19th St. bringing a car accident patient to the hospital.

According to the union president, the patient forced the female paramedic out of the ambulance and he ran out into the street. He threw an oxygen bottle at the fire engine window then climbed into the driver’s seat of the engine.

Firefighters dragged him out of the truck and used a stun device to subdue him.

President Bill Gault issued a statement that the incident demonstrated the dangers union brothers and sisters have to face daily in the City of Philadelphia. He informed them that the two paramedics are alright. Due to their quick thinking, valor and training, they reduced the danger involved in the situation. The case is now in the hands of the police.

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