A passenger’s arm was severed after the car he was riding in collided into a brick wall on Lake Shore Boulevard on Thursday morning. Toronto police are still investigating the incident

Police had responded to a call about a car accident that happened at around 2:08 in the morning. They received a call regarding a white Honda Accord that was heading eastbound, carrying two passengers, had been cut in half.

The victim, a 36-year old man, was rushed to the hospital after his right arm was cut below the shoulder during the car crash.

The driver meanwhile, a 30-year old man, was also brought to the hospital for sustaining serious injuries, police says

As the police were investigating the crime scene, portions of Lake Shore Boulevard were temporarily closed for seven hours.

Cause of the car crash is yet to be determined but the police have stated that there were no alcohol and drug involvement in the collision.

It is yet to be determined by the investigators on how fast the car was travelling before it had lost control.

CTV’s John Musselman had said that vehicle got off the road and had hit a hydrant before it moved forward, hitting into a pole and crashing to the brick wall.

The owner of the property that included the brick wall said that the noise of the crash woke him up.

Mike, who prefers not to reveal his last name, stated that he had lived on that street for 30 years and that speeding on Lake Shore was always a problem, especially during night time.

Mike added that a policeman stays in the area on mornings and usually able to get a lot of people which he tries to pull them over but they just drive too fast in that area.

Because the accident happened very early in the morning, witnesses weren’t able to tell much apart from the fact that they had heard a loud noise, says Sgt. Larry Zimmerman to CTV Toronto.

According to Zimmerman, they are now in the process of finding out whether there cameras and videos around the area.

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