FORNEY — A Dallas-bound Greyhound bus was hit by another vehicle Wednesday evening on U.S. 80 just east of FM 740.causing injuries to several passengers.

Due to the mishap, several people received minor injuries when a vehicle hit a Dallas-bound Greyhound bus in the evening of Wednesday evening on U.S. 80 just east of FM 740.

Firefighters reported that the passengers were jostled by the 5:15 afternoon collision, and seven of them were complaining of pain. They were transported to the area hospitals for examination. Rescue workers at the scene pulled the bus and other vehicle to the side of the highway to prevent a traffic pile up in the area.

Last January 6, at 3:00 p.m. that Sunday, a three-car accident occurred at the intersection of Navarro Street and Rio Grande Street that resulted in injuries. According to the Victoria Police Department, an operator identified as 30-year-old Krystin Ortiz was driving a white 2011 Jeep Patriot eastbound when she slammed beige Pontiac Grand Am driven by 37-year-old Lori Amsler.

When Amsler’s vehicle was hit, it slammed into a 1984 blue Ford F-150 operated by 54-year-old Wynell Maeker. It was a three- vehicular accident involving a jeep, a Pontiac and a Ford.

As the police are still making their investigation, the severity of the people injured is not given out to the public but they suspected that Amsler was running a red light.

The National Motor Vehicle Crash Causation Study conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that driver error was the primary cause in 90 percent of major traffic crashes.

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