Pedestrian is considered the most helpless person on the road as he/she is the most vulnerable to accidents. In many instances, a driver neglects to consider the rights of others on the road. Probably, he believes that he alone owns the road regardless of other motorists and pedestrians. Most drivers neglect their duty to share the roads with pedestrians. In most cases, the right of way of pedestrians is part of the traffic rule yet many motorists either are not aware of this responsibility or refuse to accept the rights of pedestrians. For the negligent operators, it is the shortest way towards a pedestrian accident that can lead to critical injuries, even death and the fastest way to jail.

For senior citizens, there is a two-prong danger; whether the elderly is navigating a vehicle or just walking along the road. News reports are screaming with accidents involving the elderly that lead either to critical injuries or death.

Take the case of an elderly man of 75-years who was fatally hit while he was trying to cross the street. Police reported that last Friday morning, a pedestrian died as he was crossing Hendricks Avenue on the vicinity of River Oaks.

The fatality was identified as Charles Wilson, Jr. a 68 year-old retiree who was formerly a sergeant at the Sheriff’s Office of Jacksonville.

Florida Highway Patrol reported that Wilson Jr., who was coming from the east side of the road, crossed Hendricks road. He failed to realize that he was walking into the way of a Honda Civic that was going northbound. The vehicle was operated by Andrew L. Scuderi, age 23 and a resident of Jacksonville. Scuderi told the police that he immediately tried evasive action but he was unable to avoid the approach of Wilson. The retired Sergeant died on the scene.

Due to the mishap, both sides of the road were closed and were reopened only after 9:00 o’clock in the morning.

According to the office of the Sheriff, in 2004, Wilson retired after 36 year’s stint with the Sheriff’s Office but after a year, he came back and was serving  as bailiff sergeant in court, He was retired for the second time from his second position barely two months before the incident.

In a statement given last Friday, the Sheriff’s Office extended their deepest condolences and prayers to the Wilson family, friends and former co-workers.

Investigation regarding the case continues.

Among pedestrians, the elderly are really the most susceptible to road accident. More than a week ago, FHP is on the lookout and trying to identify a hit-and-run driver who hit and seriously injured an Orlando pedestrian early Monday morning.

The pedestrian was identified as 75-year-old man from Orlando. He was walking northward along the crosswalk in Kaley St. when he was hit by a vehicle. The driver did not stop but flee from the scene. Witnesses described the passenger van as light-colored with possible windshield damage resulting from the crash.

The Florida Highway Patrol said that last time at about 2:35 o’clock in the morning the vehicle was traveling along Kaley St. when it did not stop at a red light in the  Orange Blossom Trail where it hit the old man.

Witnesses reported that they last saw the car fleeing at top speed from the scene toward Kaley Street.

Paramedics immediately delivered the victim to the Regional Medical Center of Orlando in critical condition. Pending getting in contact with the next of kin, the name of the pedestrian was not release to the public.

Florida has been known to have the top four most dangerous metro areas for pedestrians are Kissimmee-Orlando; Jacksonville; Miami-Fort Lauderdale and Tampa-St. Petersburg,

Motorists are strongly advised to be careful & attentive when driving in crowded pedestrian areas, and pedestrians need to be more alert, more careful and more attentive. As long as everyone does his/her part, pedestrian accidents are avoidable.

Accident victims may be entitled to financial compensation for pain and suffering in addition to economic damages.

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