March 02, 2013

The man was only retrieving a mattress that fell out of his vehicle on Interstate 310 when he was hit by a driver who fled from the scene.

Investigators learned that at about 6:45 o’clock Tuesday evening, 37-year old driver Greg Boudreaux out of his F-259 Ford 2002 to pick up a mattress that fell out of the vehicle as he was traveling along mile marker 6.6 in Interstate 310.

Police reported that the victim was already standing at the left side shoulder of the road when an Impala 2005 Chevrolet struck him..

At least, Boudreaux sustained only moderate injuries, police said.

The mirror and left headlight assembly of the errant vehicle was left at the scene by the hit-and-run driver which the police can use as clues to apprehend the driver.

The police is requesting anybody with information about the driver of the white Impala to call the police. Information will be treated with confidence.

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Source:  Nola Com

Source: WDSU Com News

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