The driver claimed that the victim was not in designated crosswalk
Police reported that a pedestrian was jaywalking on Ritchie Highway in Brooklyn Park Thursday night, died after being struck by a pickup truck and died on the scene..

Cheryl Lynn Knick, age 57 and resident of the 5100 block of Brookwood Road in the same neighborhood, died at Harbor Hospital soon after the 7:44 p.m. accident on the highway, south of the intersection with 11th Avenue West.

The truck operated by a Gambrills was traveling south on the highway when his suddenly swerved to avoid the pedestrian who was not crossing at a designated crosswalk and had failed to yield to southbound traffic. However, the driver, who was not injured, was unable to avoid the pedestrian.

According to a preliminary investigation, pedestrian mistake’s was the primary cause of this crash but the speed on the part of the truck driver was not a factor. The victim was wearing dark clothing also made it difficult for motorists to see her.

A pedestrian must cross only on marked crosswalks or near traffic lights, not in the middle of the block or between parked cars. He must make sure drivers see him before crossing the street. He must cross when traffic has come to a complete stop or at a traffic light, cross at the beginning of a green light. A pedestrian must never cross when Don’t Walk signal begins to flash or once the light has turned to yellow.

You are a goner when you cross on a red light. In an intersection, watch for traffic turning or entering and leaving driveways. Lastly, to be seen by motorists, wear bright or light-colored clothing or reflective strips, when walking in dusk or at unlighted areas.

Car accident victims may be entitles to financial compensation for pain and suffering in addition to economic damages.

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