MOSES LAKE — The Washington State Patrol reported that a 47-year-old man was running across a street in Moses Lake Wednesday night when he was struck by a car and killed.

The fatality was identified as Gary C. Kilpatrick resident of of Moses Lake.

.Washington Trooper stated that the 47-year-old Gary Kirlpatrick, of Moses Lake, ran across the street on the 1400 block of West Broadway Avenue Wednesday night. He ran into the path of an oncoming Jeep SUV heading eastbound.

The operator of the Jeep was 25-year-old Tye Sheats resident of Port Angele who remained at the scene and cooperated with the police.

The case is still under investigation. Police would like to find out if the accident is alcohol or drug-related.

Pedestrian safety is important for all ages and at all times. It is unfortunate that in many cases of incidents involving pedestrians and motorists, it is often the pedestrian who suffers and sadly with tragic results. In many instanced, it is not the driver’s fault. It is the responsibility of both driver and pedestrian to ensure each other’s safety by following some simple rules.

A pedestrian must cross at marked crosswalks or traffic lights, not in the middle of the block or between parked cars. He must make sure drivers see him before crossing the street. Only cross when traffic has come to a complete stop or at a traffic light, cross at the beginning of a green light. Never cross when the Don’t Walk signal begins to flash or once the light has turned to yellow. You are a goner when you cross on a red light. In an intersection, watch for traffic turning or entering and leaving driveways. Lastly, to be seen by motorists,; wear bright or light-colored clothing or reflective strips, when walking in dusk or darkness
Car Accident victims may be entitled to financial compensation for pain and suffering in addition to economic damages.

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