What started as a lovely evening ended up as a tragedy for one family on Thursday. The daughter of Marie Piottin would never have imagined that it was the last time she would be seeing her mother alive.

Her mother, 74-year-old Marie Piottin, was particularly not satisfied with the way she had dressed that evening. The French speaking woman even made a joke saying that if she did not come back after her daily night walks, she had been kidnapped by a gigolo. Her daughter, Mali, brushed the joke aside thinking that it was just because her mother thought that her outfit for the day was not satisfactory.

However, Marie Piottin indeed did not make it home that night nor will she ever be. She was not kidnapped by a gigolo but worse—she was hit by a vehicle three blocks away from her daughter’s residence at the intersection of Northeast 130th Street and First Avenue Northeast.

She was rushed to Harborview Medical Center wherein she later succumbed to death shortly after in the morning due to the head injuries she sustained.

Marie Piottin was a resident from Lyon, France. She flew in to Seattle together with her husband to lend a hand for her daughter Mali with the move as well as to visit their 6-year-old grandson.
Mali describes her mother as someone who is always on the go and someone who loves to travel. In fact, Marie Piottin and her husband Roger Piottin had visited a lot of places where it is warm since she loves warm weather. They had gone to deserts to Hawaii and even spent several weeks camping on tents for the sake of traveling.

But Mali reveals that her mother had always been the absent minded kind of person. She says that her mother is usually pre-occupied with thoughts such as the book she had read, the dishes she will prepare the next day amongst other things.

Mali was not surprised to hear that her mother was struck by a Honda CRV as she was crossing the intersection. Marie Piottin had apparently crossed the intersection despite the “Don’t Walk” signal. Marie Piottin must have been pre-occupied with her thoughts again that she did not notice the warning.

The identity of the Honda CRV driver was not released by the authorities.

Mali Piottin says that her mother will be cremated. Mari Piottin’s ashes will be scattered to different places. Some will be scattered in Hawaii, others in the Arizona Desert while the remaining ashes will be brought back home by her husband, Roger, to their country, France.

Marie Piottin leaves behind her husband, her daughter Mali, son Hug, son Gilles, another daughter Martine, four grandkids, and a great grandchild.

Marie Piottin added that her mother had always said that when she dies, she wanted to go quickly and it seems that she did get her wish. What Mali regrets is the fact that she was not able to say goodbye to her mother.

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