A 50 year old man was hit by a truck while he is crossing a street in the Midway Area of San Diego.  He suffered Severe Head Trauma as a result of the accident and immediately rushed to a nearby Hospital.

The accident happened when the Victim was crossing Rosecrans Street near the Sports Arena Boulevard when a moving Truck struck him at high speeds.  The Police received a 911 call from a witness and immediately dispatched some personnel into the scene.  The driver of the truck is a 60 year old man.  The accident occurred at Eleven Thirty-three in the evening of Monday, as per the San Diego Police Officer David Stafford.  The Victim was rushed into a nearby Hospital and immediately brought into the Trauma Center for analysis.  He sustained a severe trauma in his head and is now in a critical condition.

The Victim seems to have an odor of alcohol in his breath and clothes, San Diego Police Officer David Staffer said.  But investigation is still underway to find out if the influence of alcohol contributed into the factors that led into the accident or if the Victim is actually on the Crosswalk when the accident happened.

The state agency that is in charge in the investigation is the San Diego Police Department’s Traffic Division.  They now have the Driver of the Truck that struck the Victim under their custody, and is now being interviewed.  Also, they are interviewing some witnesses including the person who called 911 so that they could get more clues that could help the investigators to figure out what really happened.  The victim is still in the hospital and under the observation of the Hospital’s Physician; it is presumed that the Victim is still in very critical condition.

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(Source: CBS News San Diego